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You Should Not Copy Content Creators, Here's Why

Why I stopped copying content creators and just trying new things by myself.

How many times you've seen content creators posting a lot of videos and blogs about their lifestyle? I bet you've seen a lot. Every time you see and watch them, how do you feel? Do you want to copy and do the same?

Are they successful enough and you feel overwhelmed to do the same?

"How Bullet Journaling Changed My Life"

"10 Ways to Generate Money With Affiliate Marketing"

"Do This Technique to Become Productive: Proven 100%"

"My Life Changed After Doing This Technique"

Are these titles familiar?

I think yes 😃 

We feel overwhelmed doing the same and we are falling into this rabbit hole of how to become successful from what they so-called "gurus."

I was a victim of this. I love watching videos on YouTube about self-development and finance and then applying what they do to my life. One of the examples is having a journal.

Image by
Volodymyr Hryshchenko from Unsplash

I started using a journal after watching videos that having it is a life-changing habit. I woke up early in the morning, get a pen and personalized notebook, and write my plans for the day and the things that I am grateful for. At the end of the day, I will write on the same page about the reflections and what happened to my life.

It was my daily routine, but I don't feel that it is helping me. So then, I stopped.

I had a realization at that time that not all of the things that "successful" people are doing will work for you.

It is not bad to follow or copy, but what I am saying is to learn by yourself. Explore things that will work for you and there, you will find yourself successful.

In my case, I am still in the process of finding the thing that I can do to become successful. At this point, I cannot say that writing is really what I want to do even in the future but it definitely helps me to express my thoughts and share my knowledge so I continue doing this occasionally.

Who knows? I might pursue this and become successful one day, right? It is the same for you. Don't be afraid to try new things, and do not rely on those creators who love to say that you will become successful by doing this and that because nah, not all things that work for them will work for you.

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