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FYM22 | You Have to Learn This to Lead You in the Right Direction

What is stopping you to achieve your goal in life? Read this to know how to solve it.

One thing that most people don't know is their goal or what they want in life and it is the reason why they are not successful in life.

Have you ever asked yourself about your goal? If I will ask you, you might answer:

  • having a car

  • having a lot of money or being rich

  • have a million followers

  • etc.
    There's a lot of options. And if you are still thinking about it, let me help you to achieve your goal in life.

Know what you want

To become successful, you must know what you want. You must know your goal. This will serve as your motivation for success in keep working hard and smart.

Know your desired outcome

If your goal is to become rich, then your desired outcome is to increase your cash flow and assets that will stay forever longer and become wealthy. Knowing your desires in life (the good one) will keep you pushing forward.

What makes you happy?

Can't determine your goal or wants? Ask yourself What makes me happy? and if you found the answer, list all possible things that will help you to achieve your happiness.

Being happy in life is one of the best definition of success — well, for me.

Is it reachable?

What I am always telling to myself while setting a goal is set a goal that is reachable. I know that you are being optimistic like I want to achieve a million in one month.

I am not saying that it is possible, but if you have an insufficient cash flow to support your goal, you are making a dream that will not come true.

Setting a goal must be reachable.

Weekly Prompt

Write down your goals in February 2023 including on how you can achieve it. Use the hashtag #FYM22FebGoals

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