Why my newsletter do not grow?

I know why my newsletter do not grow, but I am not fixing it.

Cheers for 39 weeks of consistently sending newsletter issues, I don’t know if some of you are learning from it, but I hope yes. But during this period, I know that my newsletter subscribers have not been growing.

I already know the reason, but I do not fix it.

When I started this project, I had only one goal: to help every writer to become an efficient and productive writer. Ironically, I, myself, is not productive and efficient. I admit it to my readers, but I always do my best to learn from my mistakes and from other bloggers who share valuable content online.

So, to solve this problem, I want to get back on track by giving an effort to my emails. We are going to return to the old template and setup of every newsletter issue.

  1. Short-form blog posts like this post that you will find valuable.

  2. Mind⁺⁺ Curation List. If you are subscribed to me since the beginning, you will remember that I always include useful content and ideas that I consumed for the week.

  3. Weekly Writing Prompt. As for my goal that I want you to become an efficient and productive writer, let me give a weekly prompt whether it is fiction or non-fiction. This will give you the motivation to write and share it with your audience.

As you remember, this is the old format of my newsletter, but it was discontinued because of being lazy, discouragement, and lost of motivation. I know it was wrong but we are going to fix it one-by-one.

Also, with regard to the writing prompt, I am quite unsure if I still need to add it to my newsletter because, since the beginning, no one really joined it. How did I know? Because we used to use hashtags on Twitter every week but none of those hashtags are used.

However, I think of this: I will continue sending prompts even if no one is doing it. I am hoping that soon, someone will participate and start growing the community.

Now, if you still do not guess, why my newsletter is not growing? The answer is that I do not stick to my plan. I let my emotion drive me by being lazy. And so, we have to take action and start sticking to the plan no matter what.

Now that I made a template for my newsletter, I hope this will become an effective strategy for me to become an efficient and productive writer just like you.

Writing Prompt ✍️ 

Each week, I will be sending a writing prompt that will help you to become an efficient and productive writer whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Feel free to share your work on Twitter, you can always mention me to let me know that you are participating in the community.

A little reminder, it is not important if you share long content or short post about the prompt. What’s more important is you share your idea and make it a habit.

Prompt: Having plans for your writing is crucial. As a writer, how do you organize your thoughts and ideas before writing?

Mind⁺⁺ Curation List 📖 

I love collecting helpful blogs and ideas that will help you as a writer, here is a list of resources that I find useful:

  • How I Launched My Newsletter by Jason Glynn. We’ve been following each other for a quite long time and I would say that he is a productive writer. Recently, he launched his newsletter and shared this article on LinkedIn. It was a wake-up call for me to fix everything in my newsletter and make an effort for it.

  • John Pucay is a Medium writer and author who writes about relationships, dating, and sexuality. He is one of the people who inspired me to start a website and pursue more about writing. Read his story in writing that will inspire you.

  • I launched a new blog just ahead of the pandemic — Here’s Where it’s at Today by Jenn Leach. I’ve been following her on Medium and always read every single blog that she posted. This blog caught my attention because it is all about blogging. I always love learning more about blogging and reading her story about building this website is inspiring to start a new blog.

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