What Keeps You Busy?

Learn the difference between productive and being busy. What are you between the two?

It was a long week!

After 3 weeks without sending any newsletter, here I am going back with you.

You see, I have been busy in the past three weeks as a student (some of you might didn’t know that I am a student). And those three weeks are really busy days.

Having consecutive quizzes and exams for weeks is burning me out and draining me so much.

It is the reason why I cannot send any newsletters.

Speaking of being busy, have you ever asked yourself if you are busy or you are just being productive?

The Difference Between the Two


There are two definitions of productive by Meriam Webster.

  1. yielding results, benefits, or profits.

  2. yielding or devoted to the satisfaction of wants or the creation of utilities


Here are the definitions of busy by Meriam Webster:

  1. engaged in action

  2. full of activity

  3. foolishly or intrusively active

After knowing the difference between the two, can you differentiate it?

Being productive is engaging in an action that you are enjoying doing without burning out. For example, if writing is your passion, you can sit for hours writing your book or a blog without feeling burnt out.

Meanwhile, being busy is full of activities that you have to do where you need to finish them as soon as possible which might cause you to burn out.

In the past few weeks, I have been feeling burned out after having a lot of quizzes and activities to the point that I skipped writing and sending newsletters.

This is a bad habit for me as a content creator, but I believe that resting yourself from tiring weeks is better enough. You can continue creating content once you are ready.


It is important to know the difference between the two and learn to take care of yourself. Being a content creator is not easy, it is a difficult job where you need consistency and passion to do it in the long term.

I still have more time to figure things out, for now, I am focusing on my studies and kind of skipping my content creation.

And hey! I still have more plans that I am not saying to anyone so I won’t lose my energy and excitement doing it in the future. For now, I will just enjoy being a content creator without focusing much on analytics and statistics.

For this, I decided to stop the featured post each week but sharing prompts for every writer will continue.

Weekly Prompt

Share a Twitter thread about What Keeps You Busy? and use the hashtag #IAmBusy. You can mention me in your Tweet so I can retweet it and share it with my followers.

This issue is covering the skipped weeks which are weeks 24, and 25, and yesterday which is 26. In the next few weeks, I will do my best to write and send the newsletter on time like before. Don’t forget to become an efficient and productive writer!

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