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Start doing this NOW before writing

This routine turns into a habit that helped me to build an effective writing strategy.

Developing a pre-writing routine

When I started writing in 2020, I have this one writing habit that I still possess today. This routine becomes a habit for me that helped me to have the right mindset. It also helped me to produce quality content that helps my readers to have a complete reading output without ruining the flow of the content.

This habit is creating an outline to brainstorm all of my ideas before writing them into a pad. Today, I will share with you how I start producing content and how you can apply this to your writing career.


Before creating content, I always start brainstorming where I write all of my ideas into a blog post that I am going to write. I put all the possible questions of my audience, the ideas that I am going to include in my post, etc.

This helps me to write everything that my audience will need and make sure that my blog post will be good for creating a backlink.


This is helpful if you are going to start a blogging business or pursue SEO. Researching is an important process to confirm my ideas from brainstorming and then prioritize each point of the topics.

This is where SEO also comes in. I always do keyword research before writing and publishing it to my website to make sure that it will reach my target audience and start gaining traffic.

Creating an outline

After doing research, I always create an outline and arrange the topic and subtopics into the correct order. Sometimes, I use chatGPT to assist me with this by asking to create a perfect outline that will suit my audience. Then I edit it based on my preference. But mostly, I create my outline by myself so I know the flow of my post.

Developing a pre-writing routine saves me so much of my time and increases my productivity. This also helps me that I will not miss anything in my content and write a blog post that will help my audience.

Do you also have a pre-writing routine to help you in writing your blog posts?

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Prompt: What is your pre-writing routine and how does it help you?

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