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As an experienced content writer, I know that you are losing motivation in writing especially if you are just starting.

This will cause a loss of momentum in your progress which is terrible for you as a writer.

In my years of experience in writing, I learned the main reasons writers experience writer’s block.

  • Lack of topic

  • Lack of motivation

  • Impostor’s syndrome

  • and more!

I was experiencing the same before!

It is frustrating…

No one wants to feel the same situation.

But how can you overcome it?

Here’s the thing, it’s not all about having content.

But you have to be consistent!

A weekly blog post is not that bad if you are a beginner.

I learned that being consistent is a must if you want to grow your website traffic.

“I lack motivation and topic, what should I do?”

You are not alone, I was in the same boat.

But here, in Mind++, we create weekly content that will inspire you to write productively.

And you are one step close to it.

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