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Lack of Resources Will Makes You Unproductive

What are the tools that you are using to become productive?

One of my niches is writing productive blogs and articles, sharing it to the web up to my newsletter but it seems that I always feel lazy most of the time. You see, I just skipped another week of our #FeedYourMind series newsletter.

It sucks when you want to become productive, but being lack of resources is stopping me to become one. It makes me lazy writing using my phone.

Don't get me wrong, I've been writing for over two years now using my mobile phone but you know, it's just tiring when I set it up.

Now, you may ask, how do I write using my phone? I only use a wireless keyboard that I bought from an online store, connect it with my phone using an OTG cable, and there it goes.

Also, it is annoying writing in a small screen.

You might be thinking why I write using a keyboard instead of a normal keyboard from my phone. The thing is, when I use the digital keyboard, my fingertips are going to press the back and home button then I will mindless scroll on Facebook and social media until I didn't finish my task.

Now, the conclusion for this is to invest on a decent laptop that you can use for your work so you can be productive for a long term.

Weekly prompt

Share the tools that you are using when writing or for your work on Twitter and use the hashtag #MakeMeProductive

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