Just write and continue

I do this secret technique when I am losing motivation to write.

Writer's block is hard to overcome. When you are losing your motivation to write, the best thing that you can do is to sit in front of your desk, face your laptop, and start typing. You do not have to wait for the motivation because it will start with you.

You don't need motivation, you need self-discipline.

Now, this is what I do when I am lazy to write any topic; I just let myself write anything based on one topic and let my thoughts and ideas flow in my mind then let my fingertips type everything.

I do not wait for any motivation anymore, and I would say that it was one of the biggest mistakes that I've ever done when I was just starting to write.

This is what writers call as free writing when you are just allowing your mind to write anything that you can. The next step in the process is to edit your written content before hitting the publish button.

I always do this when I have a lot of ideas on my mind and the motivation to write + self-discipline is overflowing from my brain. In this way, I am exercising my writing creativity and avoiding forgetting any ideas that I was thinking about.

This is a very effective strategy for you to do when you are lazy and lost motivation to write. What I would suggest is to read something and then write the things that you have learned. Trust me, it is a good start and you have no choice but to finish what you have started.

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