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I Started Using The PARA Method of Tiago Forte

The PARA method is life changing if you want to become organized with your file management.

The term PARA method is ringing a bell on the internet and it is helpful for everyone who wants to be organized about their life and their second brain.

The term PARA is short for:

  • P - Project

  • A - Area

  • R - Resource

  • A - Archive

It is an acronym created by Tiago Forte who is popular with his idea about creating a second brain. A second brain is a place where you store every idea and knowledge that you have learned.

I started using this method just yesterday and use it in organizing my second brain. I mainly use Obsidian for my file management as I find it helpful especially when I am writing a blog on Hive.

So far, it helps me to organize my files and have a good outline for my file management. I just need more time to edit and sort everything before it becomes perfect and more organized.

This is just a short update for you if you are looking for a sign of creating your second brain as well. It helps a lot in bringing your ideas to life and becoming organized about your life. It also helped me to become productive by not forgetting about the ideas that I was thinking about because I capture them and input them into my digital brain.

I will make an update once I proven that this PARA method will actually help me with my life for my blogging career and even my school.

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