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How to Write Without Breaking Your Consistency (My Routine)

Stay on the line while you are writing and learn the best way to finish your blog in just one sit.

I started writing way back in 2020 and it has been a huge part of my life being a content creator across the internet. I used a lot of platforms and started to launch my website to the public to gain more readers and audiences for my content.

Some of my friends asked me: “Do you write in just one sit?” Well, yes! I tend to finish my blog in just one sit as long as my motivation and thoughts are flowing to my head. It is hard to continue once I lost it and feel lazy again, this is why I just write continuously .

But how can you do that if you are just starting your writing career?

Here’s my secret and routine:

Write an outline

If you are reading my blogs sinc I started, you probably know about this technique of mine. There are times that laziness in writing hits me but there are a lot of things that is coming in to my mind.

This is the best time to take notes and write an outline for my next blog. I compile all ideas that I have and started to organize it one by one. If I am in the mood, I also write a draft for it, the main ideas and keypoints that I can use.

This way, I am maintaining the momentum and keep creating a content for my website and ther platforms.

Read other people’s blog and content

This is where I get some of my ideas. I do not plagiarize though. I am just getting ideas and look for the things that they did not tackle. By this, I can fulfill the gaps that they left and get more attentions from the readers.

Also, it helps me to expand my ideas and knowledge on a certain topic. I keep reading and learnng from other creators too. There are times that I also leave a comment to start making connection with them.

Weekly Prompt

How do you make connections with other content creators?

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