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How to Stay Productive in Longer Term?

The Most Effective Way to Stay Productive in Longer Term (The Secret That You Must Know)

What makes you productive?

Are you the one who's eager to become productive but you always feel the laziness? You are not alone! In fact, most people are always like this.

They want to accomplish tasks by writing everything on their to-do list but they never make an action to finish it.

It sucks to have this habit, so you have to learn on how to overcome it.

After reading productivity books and watching tons of productivity gurus on YouTube, there are things that I learned on how can you stay productive in long term

Make everything easy

One thing that I learned from the book Atomic Habits which is written by James Clear, he said that making your goals and tasks easy will make you more productive.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. We tend to give up when something is hard to do.

  2. We love doing everything as easy as possible.

  3. We are lazy

Let us not deny the fact that we are lazy. But as a person, you have to overcome this and learn how to solve it.

We cannot stay being lazy all the time, you will not achieve your goal if you will become lazy forever.

Divide your tasks into small chunks

So instead of writing write my lectures in calculus you can try to write this separately write my calculus notes in: Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3. By this, you are tricking your brain to finish each task because separating those lectures will be more likely shorter than your whole calculus notes.

This technique may work or not to everyone. Some people find it more complicated because they feel discourage when they saw their list having more tasks than usual.

This is why you need to experiment everything before applying it to your life. Not all of the above mentioned techniques might work for you but I assure you that it is worth trying.

All the best,
Mark Laurence

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