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FYM21 | How to Organize Your Life Before 2023 Ends

Manage your life in the simplest way and increase your productivity.

We're still on the first month of the year and you are not late to start organizing your life. If you want to start your business while being productive, the best thing that you can do is learn how to be organize and manage your time wisely.

Here's what I do:

Write my monthly highlights

Everytime something good happened to me such as getting a client, I write it on my second brain: Obsidian. It will serve as my document about my life — more likely journal.

This is helpful if you want to reflect on something every end of the month and track your progress.

Learn to declutter

Since 2023 started, I promised to myself that I will be more organize with my personal and digital life.

I started deleting unwanted files, unnecessary photos, music, etc. You can also give or donate your unused stuff to other people and practice minimalism.

Start tracking my finances

I am becoming obsessed (not negatively) with finance and starting to learn more about it. What I have learned is to become organize with your finances by tracking your portfolio, learn more about your investment, and budget your money each week.

Trust me, this habit is life-changing that will make you open-minded when it comes to handling money.

All the best,


Weekly prompt

Create an infographic about you or your blog so people will know more about your brand. Post it on Twitter or any social media accounts and use the hashtag #FYM20PersonalBrand

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