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FYM19 | How to Create a Content Ideas for Your Next Blog?

Creating Compelling Content: A Blueprint for Blog Idea Generation

Start Creating Content

I watched a Facebook video yesterday about becoming successful, and one of the tips is start creating content.

It made me realize that content creation is essential for us to become creative and enhance our communication skills - by connecting to the audience.

But how can you create content?

Read, read, and read

You have to copy someone's article.

Don't get me wrong; plagiarism is not good. But if you are a content creator, you will realize that reading someone's work is good, then spot the topics they did not discuss.

It's your turn to write the same topic and add more information. This will make your top among other creators, and your audience will like your content better.

Communicate with other people and exchange ideas

Have you heard about Quora?

It is a discussion place about everything by people around the world. Everyone can ask a question on the platform, and anyone can answer it.

Sometimes, I look for people's questions and answer them in the form of a blog. This way, I have ideas for my following content while building my connections.

Use your imagination and curiosity

Nothing can beat your creativity and curiosity.

If you are alone and doing nothing, you can start imagining things and write your ideas on paper.

Then use your curiosity by searching some of them on the internet to get more information.

While creating content, you are feeding your mind with knowledge and learning something new.

Weekly Prompt

Create a Twitter thread about how you generate your ideas for content creation. Use #FYM19ContentIdeas for this week's hashtag.

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