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How about learning online security?

I almost got hacked - but I am still a bit nervous.

Yes, that is right.

It was June 28, 2023, when someone sent me a suspicious email. I already know that it was suspicious because the subject line is weird and the preview text is just random codes of HTML and Javascript. But still, I clicked and opened it not knowing that you can be hacked by just opening an email.

I opened the email and then ignored it. This is what it looks like:

It was sent to my business email. Then earlier, while checking my Jetpack account on my website, I saw that there are login attempts to my account. It was the time that I started to feel nervous.

I covered the email for security and privacy purposes.

This is the activity log on my account. As you can see, the login attempts started on June 28 which is the same date where the email was sent and when I opened it. I can confirm that it has contributed to this hacking attempt.

After the incident, I decided to add an extra layer of security to my account by changing my email password and enabling 2FA authentication.

It is always important to learn about online security even the basics of it. This way, we can surf the internet securely. Be security and privacy-conscious when it comes to internet surfing.

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