FYM6 | Learn It, Then Apply It

Learn It, Then Apply It is the perfect way to become an expert and get ahead in any field.

It’s study time!

You obtained new knowledge from the book that you have read, now what? You learned that being consistent can bring you success, but it is just part of the ingredients. You are still far from the success and goal that you want to achieve.

There is one more powerful step than being consistent, how about applying what you have learned?

Once you learned something new, it is better to apply it to your life. The reason behind this is that you can adapt and practice it until it became automated for yourself. It is like building habits and a new routine.

If you read a book that full of lessons, apply it to your life because it will be useless if you won’t do anything and just memorize the lines that you learned. As you will notice, it is one of the processes in school to practice what the students learned from the lessons.

Teachers are giving homework, school activity, exams, and quizzes. It is like a test if you really learned the lesson and one of the ways to determine it is to practice and apply it by having an activity.

It is what I exactly do when I learn new vocabulary words. I tend to search for the meaning of the word, remember or take note of it, and the final process is to use the word in a sentence even on my blogs. By this, I can remember the word and its meaning or concept.

Your habits lift you up, it will help you. Just remember to make the application of what you have learned in your habit. Through this, you can become smart and powerful.

Things to remember:

  • Always set a realistic goal (FYM4)

  • Be consistent (FYM5)

  • Apply what you have learned (FYM6)

Weekly Prompt and Challenge

What do you think is the most powerful habit that you need to do that will make you more productive and can possibly change your life? Why?

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Featured Post

Each week, we are going to choose one post that is meaningful and gives value to our readers. It can be related to the current newsletter issue or not. Our objective is to help the readers to learn more knowledge and boost their personal growth.

For this week, we chose tpkidkai, a co-blogger on Hive blockchain who writes about Tips on How to Improve Your Vocabulary as an Adult. In his blog, he mentioned the following tips that you can do to improve your vocabulary.

  • Read books

  • Play vocabulary games

  • Watch videos and movies

Feel free to visit him on Hive! If you are not yet writing on Hive, you can sign up using my link and send me a dm on Twitter so I can guide you! You can also get my e-book if you want to have a guide as a beginner.

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