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FYM5 | Consistency for a Long-Term Success

Consistency leads to success - the more you put in, the more you get out! Building a habit of consistency is the key to long-term success. Don't give up - stay consistent and you'll reach your goals!

It was a great week, but are you consistent with your goals?

In my previous newsletter issue, we set goals and challenges for this week and month. But are you still doing it consistently?

You see, the people who rich success are people who are consistent and persistent in their work. They do not care if it is a small win or 1% better each day. Because it doesn’t matter if you are taking small steps for you to reach your goal. What matters the most is you are having progress.

This quote was marked to my mind, it is a quote from Pinterest graphics that says, “Success is a series of small wins.” There is no big or small in achieving your goal. Always appreciate it.

Here are two tips to stay consistent and achieve your goal slowly but surely…well, depending on your consistency.

Divide your task into smaller tasks

Believe it or not but seeing your tasks divided makes it look easier than having a big task on your to-do list or your project.

There are times that you will feel discouraged if you read this:

  • Write a blog on my website

and there, you will feel writer’s block and start procrastinating. So, instead of writing it one time, you can write:

  • Write an outline for my blog (brainstorm and collecting ideas)

  • Write it

  • Edit and proofread

  • Publish

By doing it one by one, you are craving more to cross out the other task and start doing it again until you finish the whole task. However, there are times that this won’t work so better to evaluate the situation first before doing this technique.

Do not pressure yourself

It is discouraging when you see a lot of things to do on your to-do list. I always feel lazy while looking at it. This is what I noticed myself. I tend to write a lot of tasks thinking that I will be more productive by doing them.

However, it doesn't work like that. In this case, you are pressuring yourself to do everything you can’t do in 24 hours. Look, you only have limited time each day, including doing essential things like sleeping, eating, and taking a bath.

Hence, not pressuring yourself is one of the best ways to become productive. Start looking at your calendar and schedule everything for the whole week not only on a single day.

Learn to rest

As usual, our mind and body also need a rest. We are not a robot, we feel exhausted, we have an emotion, we feel tiredness, etc. I always see this in a person who is not productive enough; they don’t rest and keep trying to grind even without sleep.

It will not be a healthy lifestyle. In our life, we should keep it balanced. Trying hard is a bad idea.

For this week’s prompt/challenge…

Last week, I told you to delete the most-used social media app that consumes your time unproductively. Now, your task is to write a reflection or journal of what is your realization after deleting the app that mostly distracts you for the whole week. Does it make you more productive? Does it help you?

After writing, you can share your blog post on any platform that you are using then start sharing the link on Twitter with the hashtag #FYM5 short for Feed Your Mind Week 5. You can also mention me on Twitter if you want.

If you haven’t participated last week from the challenge, you can write a story about:

  • You are stuck on the island alone for the whole week and you have nothing, what will you do?

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