FYM4 | Always Set a Realistic Goal

Setting realistic goals helps you stay focused and motivated. It's the key to achieving success in any endeavor. So start small and work your way up - it's the best way to reach your ultimate goal!

October has started. What are you up to?

As stated in the book Atomic Habits, one of the best ways to become productive is to start your planned routine on the first day of the year, month, or week. And hey! Here we are in the new month of October…but what are you up to?

If you are still confused and asking yourself to become productive but do not know where and how to start, then you might want to follow and answer these questions…this might help you!

Start planning your month by asking…

What are my goals?

Do you want to be productive but don’t know where to start? Then maybe you don’t yet have the plan and reason to become one!

Knowing your goal, will somehow push you to get back on your nerves and start stretching. I know that people said, “focus on your system, not on your goals,” but it is undeniable that goals are helpful. Later on, you will realize that you are not only focusing on your goal but also on the system. Fix your mindset first.

How will you manage your time?

You now have goals, but maybe you suck at time management? Well, goals are useless if you don’t know how to manage your time wisely. If this is your first time trying to become productive, then you already know the best time management that works for you. You can do the time blocking, make a to-do list, create a detailed schedule, etc.

What are the possible hindrances that will stop you?

You are now excited after listing your goals and knowing your time management, but do you even consider the possible hindrances for the whole month? Well, if not, you should start listing your expected hindrances so you won’t be disappointed if you did not achieve your goal.

In my case, I am a student and my schedule is kind of hard to manage because I have to spend my time in school for 6-10 hours in 5 days excluding the time that I will spend doing my assignment and activities.

Considering those things, I am not listing a lot of goals that I know I won’t achieve. It is better to set a realistic goal so you won’t be disappointed in the end if it didn’t happen.

Nevertheless, the most important is you are having progress.

For this week, here’s your challenge…

Determine the social media app or any app that eats your time unproductively then delete or uninstall it for one week…or maybe you can continue deleting it. Then start writing in your journal starting on Monday until Saturday instead of scrolling on these social media.

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