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FYM3 | Which Platform Should You Use for Content Promotion?

Need help deciding which platform to use for content promotion? Look no further! We'll help you find the best platform to fit your content promotion needs – saving you time and money!

Deny it or not but receiving few views or nothing is devastating for us as a blogger and writers because we feel that no one appreciates our effort.

I was experiencing the same until I discovered the best way to gain viewers: content promotion.

But hey, it’s not easy as you think!

Tired of promoting your blogs but no one is noticing it? You are doing it wrong! Here’s what you need to do…

In my nearly 2-year of experience writing, I always try to promote my blogs to get viewers and make them read them until the end. However, my effort is wasted because no one notices my work until I realize I am doing it wrong!

The key and significant solution for this is…social media!

Which platform should you use for content promotion?

Here are the best platforms that you can use to get massive views. In fact, one of these brought me to gain 30,000+ impressions from one of my posts which I put the full details here: 4 Powerful Platforms That Will Double Your Blog Traffic in 2022


One of the secret ways to get viewers from Facebook is to join several communities or groups related to your niche and start posting your blogs there. Most of them have the same interest as yours and they will most likely be interested in what you have sent…unless it is spam.


I underestimate Twitter. I thought it is only for online drama but NO, it’s not. Huge companies, even Elon Musk use this platform to create news and updates. The use of correct hashtags (#) makes your tweet massive that could get more impressions than a normal tweet.


Have you seen this coming? Pinterest is a good source of viewers especially if you are fond of creating good and quality graphic design. By using outstanding designs, you can encourage and persuade people to click your link and redirect to your blog.


This is not the place to promote, but you can do it indirectly. Quora is more likely an online forum to discuss topics depending on your interest. You can look for the question related to your blog post, answer it, then attach the link of your blog. There is a potential that readers will click the link that will drive a topic to your blog.


This is the best place if you want to promote, curate, and earn rewards! This platform rewards a user of their token called Dreem. You can curate other bloggers’ work and as a return, you can submit your blog and wait for the next screening. Once approved, it will go for a rotation and you will gain viewers direct to your blog.

Is this newsletter issue helped you?

Well, if yes, this blog will give you more information about the promotion. You will learn a lot from this post like:

  • The best time to promote your blog on different social media platforms.

  • How to turn your blog from zero to hero.

  • How to get massive views without paying for any ad campaign.

  • …and more!

Trust me, it is effective!

Weekly prompt:

Where should you focus more? Analytics or quality of the content?

Don’t forget to mention me on your blog and on your tweet! Use our hashtag #FYM3 short for #FeedYourMindWeek3.

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