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FYM2 | The Best Format of a Blog to Gain Traffic and Readers

Struggling to drive traffic to your blog? Learn the best format to attract readers and get the clicks you're craving!

Aren’t you gaining readers from your blog?

Hey! you are in the right place!

I experienced the same before, and here is what I found out: it is not all about having a social network or friends, but it will all start with the format of your blog.

Yes! The format and style of your blog matter. Who will read an unorganized blog with several errors? I bet you are not…even I am your friend. Lol.

Well, in this newsletter, I will teach you the best blogging format that makes your readers read your blog until the end…finish this because there’s an exciting prompt at the end.

Write your best introduction

I know what you are thinking, “this is a common tip,” “I already know this,” or “This will not gonna work” oh hey, it’s not! You can do the following format to achieve an almost perfect blog post…here are the format for writing an introduction:

  • Include the problem in the introduction

  • Solve the issue

  • Benefits of this blog to the readers (quick overview)


An introduction is just the beginning; here’s the body of your blog!

I know that most of you are getting bored while reading the body of a blog post (because I usually do if I don’t like the topic) ~~don’t say to anyone lol.~~

But I found a better way to solve this issue! Boredom no more for your readers by doing the following:

  • Tell a story

  • Include arguments that will support your statement

  • Why do they need to do the same as yours?


This is the final part…err, not yet. But this is one of the most important since some readers love to scroll to the conclusion. Here’s what you can do if it’s the case:

  • Sum up your blog

  • Ask them a question


Most small bloggers don’t know about this, but you should! Don’t worry. I didn’t know about this before, but I learned it by exploring and digging more about blogging.

Make sure to add a CTA at the end of your blog post. They could be your potential leads, so make sure your CTA can hook the fish out of the tank!

  • Promotion

  • Affiliate link

  • Email list

  • Offered product or services

… help! We are not done!

I wrote this issue as short as possible because I already wrote the whole concept in my blog post. You can read here: How to Write a Blog That Will Make Your Post Organized. Now, it’s up to you if you want to read more about the article template, but I detailed each of it on that blog! (Weak won’t click the link).

For this week’s prompt

For this week, let’s have fun with this situation: You are alone on an island for one year. What are you going to do? What are your plans for the whole year?

Come and write with other bloggers about this idea! You have one week to share your story. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FYM2, short for Feed your mind week 2!

Also, if you are sharing it on Twitter, don’t forget to use the tag so we can filter it out. You can also mention me on Twitter by the username @Laurenceuuuu (yep, with 4 u’s).

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