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FYM17 | Productivity + Digital Marketing = Growth

Have you ever thought of being productive while doing your marketing strategy? This secret will help your business grow.

Have you checked my latest blog?

And that's it!

We ended 2022 with the latest blog about social media marketing tools that every content creator must use. This blog will help you as a content creator to keep you productive and ensure your growth with the new marketing strategy.

How are these tools related to productivity?

Have you read the book Atomic Habits by James Clear? The book, says that we need to be consistent in building our habit system until it becomes automated.

Just like your habit, using these tools, you can increase your productivity by creating social media content ahead of time and scheduling your post on a specific date or time.

This is not only for content creators because, just like virtual assistants, they can also use this strategy on their content planner and calendar to prepare future content for their clients.

Grow your blog with social media automation tools

In the previous blog, we mentioned helpful tools you can use as content creators.

  1. Publer

  2. Buffer

  3. Typefully

  4. Tailwind

  5. IFTTT

It seems that people are happy with the content after getting many views from the readers and getting shared by the companies.

Are you excited to learn more about these tools? You can read the whole blog: Maximizing Your Marketing Strategy: The 5 Best Social Media Tools for Generating Quality Leads and level up your marketing strategy from scratch.

Weekly Prompt and Challenge

List down your goals for this year of 2023. What will be your strategy to achieve them?

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