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FYM12 | How to Find Your Niche as a Writer?

"Discovering Your Writing Passion: Uncover Your Niche as a Writer"

“I can’t start freelance writing because I don’t know my niche”

Trust me, I was in this kind of situation years ago. Before starting my website and launching it public, one of the hardest things that you will need to think of is choosing a niche that is less competitive but profitable.

…and it is hard for a newbie and beginner like me.

But due to this experience, I finally found out the secret to how to know your niche if you are just starting your freelance journey.

After asking and talking with like-minded people on several online communities, I finally deciphered the key to finding your niche.

Here’s the truth…

There is no real secret in finding your niche!

Okay…but you are confusing me!

The truth is, writing is like our life. You have to try several things to find what suits you.

Think outside the box. If you haven’t tried this, then do it. If it doesn’t work, try other things.

You will know your niche once you determine the subject that you enjoy the most.

And how to know that?

  • If you are willing to do it for free because it is your passion.

  • You never get tired of researching about it.

  • You love what you are doing.

  • You are not staying in the space because of money but because you love doing it.

Now, ask yourself, what subject or industry do I love researching without getting tired and feel burn out?

It might be sound exaggeration, but it is what it is!

Weekly prompt/challenge

What do you love the most in writing and why are you doing it?

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This newsletter issue is dedicated to Sydney2, a fellow blogger on read.cash where she writes about: My Dream To Become A Freelance Blogger. Her blog is about not knowing the first step in freelance writing and choosing her niche is the main conflict. If you are struggling with the same dilemma, this issue is dedicated to you!

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