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FYM1 | How to Start Writing a Blog? | Blogging

One of the most important things you have to do before you start writing a blog is where you will publish it and which platform is the best that suits you.

Which platform should you use as a beginner?

In my nearly 2-year experience in writing, I have used a lot of platforms and written in several online communities; here are my recommendations:

  1. Hive (Get my e-book and earn more than $10 for each blog)

  2. read.cash (I made $1,000+ here as a student)

  3. Publish0x (Start earning while reading and writing)

  4. Medium (What should you do if you are not eligible in Partnership Program?)

These platforms are good for beginner bloggers to start their writing journey and possibly earn money while doing their hobby.

Make sure that you are choosing the platform that you find helpful. If you are a beginner and want to start, you can choose one from the list, one step at a time!

Pick your niche

In writing a blog, make sure that you know what path you are going to take. This means you have to pick a niche that will be the center of your subject.

Choosing a subject in which you don’t have any knowledge is near the word failure. Make sure that you enjoy the topic and that it is your expertise. However, there are people who choose to be multi-niche writers so the topic won’t be limited.

As for me, I usually write about blogging and SEO tips, making money online, and self-development.

Start writing

It is obvious. After choosing the mentioned things above, make sure to start writing. You cannot gain your readers and audience without providing value to the community.

Forget the word on how to start writing now.

For this week’s prompt

Write about “Which platform are you using and why are you using it?”

Make sure to share your blog on Twitter using the hashtag #FYM1 so you can connect and interact with other bloggers.

Take note: You can use any platform for this prompt. The most important thing is our tag! #FYM1. You can always mention me in your Tweet.

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