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Fixing Myself After The Long Hiatus

I feel miserable from the past few months and this is the best time to go back on track.

It is official! I am back in writing!

After the long hiatus in blogging and writing, I decided to go back and fix everything. I feel that I am becoming miserable and missing something about myself. I cannot stay having only one stream of income and it is against my goals as a content creator.

Is it funny to call me a content creator? After creating a lot of content on the internet for the past two years, I never see growth in my online presence. Yes, I was earning money. But is it enough?

I don't want to rely on and just look at the money that is coming into my wallet, I also want to focus on the growth of myself and my online presence. This time, I want to truly connect with like-minded people and learn more from them.

It is fun to learn and contribute to the community that you know that you are welcome.

I will not say my exact plans and goals for this time because I don't want to kill the energy and excitement myself. I want to keep it burning with me and only show the result and actions to my audiences.

I hope everyone will support me all throughout.

Being inactive makes me feel guilty. Thus, I have to start working after getting the things and resources that I have been waiting for a long time.

But hey...should you expect a lot?

Uhh...nah, don't really. It is hard to do everything at once. I don't want to be harsh to myself. You see, I still need to go to school and do my homework. Everything is now getting heavy at school so I need to keep it balanced.

So what now? What I will gain from this newsletter?

One thing is for sure, this is just a reminder that taking a rest is a must. It is okay to feel laziness. You might feel burned out so you are lazy. Don't be afraid to rest because you need it. You might be missing something, give yourself time to think and reflect. Are you lack resources and experience? You have to learn how to work for it.

Don't be harsh to yourself and always take it slowly.

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