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I forgot to create a writing schedule, so I decided to list them all and work productively.


I missed a lot of days not writing anything on Hive. My last blog post was written over a week ago and it is killing my productivity. Well, it is because I am currently busy with my client optimizing her website with SEO.

It is a long process of optimization. We are still in the first month, and we have to monitor its performance. Hopefully, we can achieve the best result on her webpage.

Going forward, one thing that I learned after working with her for almost two weeks is to create a schedule (not only a writing schedule), but also a schedule for your whole day.

I was not organized in the first week of our work and it messes up everything. We are so confused about the changes in her website and what we are looking for. Hence, I decided to organize everything by compiling all the changes into an Excel sheet and Google Docs for logs.

And this is what I missed…

I forgot to create a writing schedule

As I said, I was not writing anything this week because my time was eaten by my freelance work, leisure time, and household chores. It was a mess to work in a disorganized way. I even stopped giving myself free time to review our previous lessons and to advance study which is what I need as a student.

Now, let us start creating a writing schedule that will help us to become more productive and efficient.

I am using an app called Microsoft To-do list for managing my tasks for the day. I started creating a writing list to sort out my projects. You can use this in your Windows or Mobile app.

This is what my writing task looks like. I will then put a checkmark once the task is done. I am going back on track with my writing journey by taking small steps ahead.

As you all know, I am always reading and curating blogs on Hive to grow my account and start making friends. Joining Hive is the best thing that I did way back in 2021 because I am now creating money from it while investing in cryptocurrency.

I also read Medium stories and tried activating my membership to read unlimited stories. I will try to write a review if it was worth it. But the main goal of reading stories on Medium is to add them to the Mind⁺⁺ Curation list and connect with like-minded people.

Also, I started writing answers in Quora as a first move of writing regularly and following my writing schedule. This way, I am building my personal brand and start engaging to more communities hoping for growth. Have you heard the story of Nicolas Cole? He started writing in Quora and after years of doing this, it becomes his career, and make a living by writing.

Lastly, posting tweets to interact with different bloggers. Twitter is a competitive space for every content creator but you just need to find the best way to get noticed and start receiving traction with your audience. To be honest, I am not sure about the audience that I have.

Most of my followers are my friends, and I want to create a following of like-minded people. I do not stress myself out about my followers but I just keep creating content and interacting with other users.

I am not a fan of time-blocking. I always list all the tasks that I need to do for the day or week then start doing them until all tasks are ticked. It is effective for me. Make sure to do an experiment on which process works the best for you as a writer.

Mind⁺⁺ Curation List 📖 

I love collecting helpful blogs and ideas that will help you as a writer, here is a list of resources that I find useful:

  1. The 7-Step Guide to Building an Online Empire With Social Media by Nick Nolan. His blog made me realize the things that I've been doing wrong in my social media business. I want to start growing my social media (the professional one) but it never happened — and here are the reasons why.

  2. I Took Pinterest Seriously and Grew to 4.8 Million Monthly Visitors by Jenn Leach. I love the way how she shared her technique on how to grow your Pinterest. It is amazing how you can use Pinterest as a visualized platform and drive traffic to your business.

  3. Content Batching Hacks — How to Plan and Create Content on Several Platforms Without Burning Out by Abena Talks. Her blog is very helpful if you are a blogger like me who always wanted to write on several platforms without burning out.

Writing Prompt ✍️ 

Each week, I will be sending a writing prompt that will help you to become an efficient and productive writer whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Feel free to share your work on Twitter, you can always mention me to let me know that you are participating in the community.

A little reminder, it is not important if you share long content or short post about the prompt. What’s more important is you share your idea and make it a habit.

Prompt: Engagement is one of the keys for growth traffic. What are you doing to keep the conversation alive while talking to someone on the internet?

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